We are the obsessed.  Those that have a relentless relationship with running and can’t give it up.  We’re also self-diagnosed OCD personalities ….hell-bent perfectionists that demand elite quality and uncompromising precision.  We are group of runners who wanted a brand designed by runners…for runners.

We set out with the idea to make the worlds most expensive running socks.  We envisioned hand-sewn socks made from premier materials.  They would be infused with the most innovative technology.  They would be unusually comfortable and actually enhance performance… socks that would have a lifetime warranty and be replaced for free.  Socks you literally can’t get anywhere else….because they don’t make them anywhere else.Perfection and obsession aside, these socks needed to symbolize something more.  They needed to give a name and identity to those that pound the pavement.  They would represent those that wake up early on a Saturday morning to run a 5k, marathon…and everything in-between.  They would separate those that merely pretend and those that actually go the distance.  Socks that are more than socks…an elite status.That obsession and perfection is what you see here. We are a running sock company born from a dream and willed into reality.  We took our love for running and turned it into something more…a brand…an idea…an identity.

Welcome to iamrunner.